Business phone and office systems FAQs.

Commonly asked questions around business phone systems as well as phone based office software systems, answered here.

How do business phone systems work?

Modern business phones increasingly run across internet connections, hence the acronym VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Whereas traditional systems needed an onsite PBX, this function is now performed remotely, which is what is meant by a “cloud-based” system. Cloud based systems offer businesses easily scalability options and tend to be cheaper than their traditional counterparts.

How much does a new business phone system cost?

The cost of a new business phone system will depend entirely on what you’re looking for. At Phone Connection, we’re able to use the savings we make in areas like broadband, mobiles, calls and lines to fund a new business phone system, meaning you can get this system at little to no extra cost than what you’re paying at the moment.

How long should a business phone system last?

You should expect your business phone system to last up to a decade. As with changes in the mobile industry however, business phones to tend to see technology upgrades every year or two which can be taken advantage of with any reputable supplier.

Does a business need a landline?

It is highly advisable for businesses to have a landline as this presents a greater number of possibilities for communication than a mobile connection. For example software like computer integration, call recording and call reporting would all possible with a landline but not on mobile.

How much does a phone system cost a small business?

The cost of a phone system for a small business would depend on what features you were looking for. Providers can often utilise wholesale rates and other savings to fund or partially fund a new feature-rich phone system.

How do I transfer a landline number to my mobile phone?

If you’re looking for a temporary redirect, you can do this on your phone device. If you’re looking for a longer term solution, we can activate account wide call forwarding to send your main number to a mobile phone or even a group of mobile phones.

What is the best phone service for a small business?

Alongside an easy-to-use phone system, it’s worth getting a phone system that comes with additional features. Software such as integration with your computers, call recording (so that you can listen back to each call) and call reporting (which lets you see any calls you missed) can all have positive impacts on small businesses in particular.

How much does a PBX system cost?

Due to the need for on-site equipment, you will often find that a PBX system is more expensive than its cloud-based counterpart. The exact cost will depend on the number of handsets you need and whether you require any additional software.

Can you get rid of a landline and keep your internet?

Depending on the setup of your system, yes. If your phone system is on a separate line to your broadband, then it will be possible for you to remove a landline and keep your internet. If you are planning to use voice services over your internet connection, it can be advisable to have separate connections for your internet and phone use.

What is the best VoIP service?

Our customers prefer a feature rich VoIP phone system, with it’s ability to hold video calls, over other systems. The system also comes with video support as standard, meaning that you can see us whenever you call in so that we can explain how best to resolve any issues you may have with your phone system.

How long does it take to port a landline number?

It can vary from provider to provider, but we usually complete number ports within 10 working days.

Do I need a business phone line?

The effectiveness of high-speed internet means that many businesses do not need separate phone lines for their business. That being said, if you’re looking to make calls alongside other internet activity, a dedicated line for your communications is advisable.