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CCTV security cameras

No New Jersey company is totally immune to the threat of break-ins or vandalism. Customer and employee theft is also a major issue in many businesses and industries.

A great way to protect your business is by implementing a state-of-the-art security surveillance system from Phone Connection. We’ve been helping New Jersey owners protect their valuable business assets and create a safer work environment for more than 30 years

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Popular surveillance cameras

Phone Connection is an authorized reseller for the leading brands of CCTV camera systems. These are just a few of the great options we can provide:

Hikvision DS-2CD2622FWD-IZS

Hikvision DS-2CE55C2N

Armature-mounted CCTV camera.

2.8 mm to 12 mm @ ƒ/1.4
Motorized Lens
3-Axis Positioning
1920 x 1080 Resolution
With Audio, Live Streaming, Motion Sensing
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Hikvision DS-2CE55C2N

720TVL PICADIS Dome Camera.

3.6 mm @ F2.3 (2.8mm,6 mm, optional)
Angle of view: 73.1° (3.6 mm)
Pan: 0 – 355°, Tilt: 0 – 90°, Rotation: 0 – 355°
1280 (H) × 960 (V)
Wide operating temperature range
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We provide the best closed-circuit television service in New Jersey

Phone Connection is your top New Jersey source for reliable closed-circuit television service featuring the most technologically advanced security cameras on the market.

Our CCTV services for offices can provide 24-hour monitoring for broad or targeted areas inside your facility. Exterior cameras can also be installed to help you determine who is entering or exiting your facility and to keep a close eye on the premises during and after normal business hours.

Key security surveillance system benefits

Closed-circuit television service from Phone Connection can provide many important benefits for your New Jersey business including:

External theft deterrent – Security cameras placed in a highly visible location can prove to be an effective deterrent to anyone with the intention of breaking into your building or vandalizing external areas of your property.

Internal theft prevention – Most New Jersey businesses depend on expensive computer equipment to function on a daily basis. CCTV systems can help prevent the theft of vital computer components and other types of employee or customer theft.

Enhanced employee safety – A security surveillance system can help to protect your employees from harassment and abuse. Security cameras can also be used to monitor parking areas, which can be prime targets for assault, vehicle break-ins and other forms of criminal activity.

Cost reduction – In addition to minimizing losses due to theft and property damage, a camera-based security surveillance system can also result in lower business property insurance premiums.

We can provide a no-cost security surveillance system consultation

Phone Connection is a full-service security surveillance system provider in New Jersey. We’ll come to your business and conduct a complete assessment of your specific security needs.

We’ll then recommend a closed-circuit television service that includes the best cameras and equipment for your requirements and budget. We can also provide complete security system installation and offer expert guidance so that you and your staff can operate your system efficiently.

Our needs-based, customer-focused approach is why so many New Jersey business owners have chosen Phone Connection to provide their closed-circuit television service.

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