Cloud-based business phone systems.

Why moving your system to the cloud could be beneficial to your business.

Why a cloud hosted business phone system?

For businesses, New Jersey cloud hosted phone systems represent a breakthrough in the way office communications are implemented and delivered.

Most of us are already familiar with traditional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Instead of transmission over conventional phone lines, VoIP converts your voice to digital data and sends it over the Internet.

Flexible Packages

Popular cloud hosted phone systems in New Jersey

Phone Connection NJ is an authorized reseller for the leading brands of digital phone systems. These are just a few of the great options we can provide (contact us for our full range of cloud hosted phone systems).


Panasonic KX-UTG300

The enterprise-class Panasonic KX-UTG300 is a quality six-line phone with two Ethernet ports and 5-inch color LCD touchscreen.

5-inch, color Graphical Touchscreen LCD
Full Duplex Speakerphone and Bluetooth-ready
Supports up to 6 SIP accounts
Buy Panasonic as low as $69.95
From $19.95 per mo

Cisco SPA 525G2

The Cisco SPA 525G2 phone supports hosted VoIP and PBX environments with secure remote provisioning and web-based configuration.

5-Line IP Phone w/ Color Display
Support for Multimedia Functions
Bluetooth Enhanced Integration
Buy Cisco as low as $99.95
From $19.95 per mo

Polycom VVX 600

The premium Polycom VVX 600 is ideal for executives and managers who need intuitive and powerful connectivity to lead an organization.

Large (4.3”) Capacitive Touch-screen
Polycom HD Voice technology
Up to 16 Line Appearances/Speed Dials
Buy Polycom as low as $124.95
From $19.95 per mo

Cloud hosted business telephone systems

While VoIP has several important advantages — including saving you long distance charges and allowing for additional flexibility and scalability — its main drawback has been the need for specialized hardware that is expensive to maintain in-house. Luckily, cloud hosted phone systems change that. A further refinement of the VoIP model, hosted office phones require no investment in additional servers or hardware. Instead, all systems are managed and maintained virtually. All you need is an Internet connection to get started.

Benefits of small business cloud hosted phone systems

Cloud hosted phone systems in New Jersey offer major advantages over both landlines and conventional in-house VoIP. These include a complete absence of ongoing service requirements and expenses, endless scalability without a large investment in new hardware, and expanding opportunities for meaningful integration with email, videoconferencing and Internet apps — which, in turn, make your team more productive.

You’ll also enjoy the freedom to use your office phone number from anywhere. Because the data is transmitted electronically rather than over a physical phone line, your team members never have to use their home phones or a separate business phone to communicate with clients on the road.

New Jersey Cloud Based Phone System - 1

Implementing a cloud hosted phone system for your business

A Cloud-based VoIP phone system requires a broadband Internet connection. The more users, the greater the bandwidth capacity needed.

If you elect to use a hosted VoIP service, verify that your current phones have the capability to communicate over VoIP, or else upgrade to VoIP-compatible Cloud-based phones. Generally, the more “VoIP-ready” your existing network infrastructure is, the easier and less expensive the cloud Hosted phone system implementation is.

New Jersey Cloud Based Phone System - 2

How do cloud hosted phone systems work?

The best way to understand how cloud hosted telephones work is to compare them to other VoIP models, which are classified in one of two ways:

In-house: When setting up an in-house VoIP system, businesses must purchase and maintain their own server and distribution system.

Hosted: In a hosted VoIP setup, servers and communications infrastructure are maintained by an off-site contractor.

When it comes to a cloud hosted VoIP, the entire infrastructure is virtual and maintained in the cloud. And businesses can use any VoIP-enabled phone system. Adding more numbers is easy and instantaneous, and there’s no ongoing expense of maintaining a physical server.

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Getting started

Cloud hosted business phone systems are the easiest type of VoIP to implement. To learn more about your options, contact Phone Connection today at 800-870-7230. For more than 30 years, we have been bringing innovative telephony products and services to businesses throughout New Jersey.

We were one of the first companies to offer cloud hosted phone systems for small businesses in our area, and we’ll continue to bring our clients leading solutions that save money and help staff work smarter.

Let one of our customer service experts provide a free quote for a cloud hosted telephone system in New Jersey. Contact our New Jersey headquarters located in Blairstown to get started today.

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